Every morning when I wake up; I walk into my bathroom; I glance at the mirror just before brushing my teeth; There’s that red stain again.

Your lipstick; It’s the kiss you left me before leaving for work; Those loud kisses; The 7 a.m. in the morning ones that fall on sleeping ears.

You like the whole out-all-day-hustling kinda life; I like the stay at home and write something self-reflective like these lines kinda life. But most of all, we like each other; Especially at night when we are both done with life and all that matters is our skin against each other’s.

Look how well we blend; Like black on black; Like black on black.

Read this letter, before I make your pink skies rain.

When everything leaves me behind, as I lie cold and breathless, I want to have left everything behind.
— blackChenn,